Being human

In my previous blog ” Making Time for Social Media” I wrote that it is important for users to see you as “human.” Sign your name when responding to users to show that that there is an actual person who is taking the time to respond to their complaint or question.

The article, which I found incredibly interesting, talked about a research study conducted about tweets. One group followed a professor with only scholarly tweets, one group followed a professor who only tweeted personal things and one group saw a professor who tweeted a mix of both.

Students were asked to rank the credibility of the professor who they were following. The highest ranking professor was the one who tweeted only personal things.

It seems marketers may have it wrong. Rather than trying to post articles with facts and information they need to reach out to their users on a human level. This is the best way to engage them.

After all, we are all humans.

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Making time for social media

As a college student born into Generation Y, I am very tech savvy. Social media is a huge component of my day to day life. But social media is different when it is being used to engage users as opposed to chatting with my friends.

What are the basics of social media for a business and how does someone make time? I read an interesting article on Social Media Today about how to make time for social media with a small or large staff. In today’s world social media is incredibly crucial and if a company fails to engage users this way they may get left behind.

One important thing that the article points out is that social media is by no means a replacement to your business or marketing plan. Social media should be incorporated into your plans. So, when you brainstorm your next marketing ideas or promotional event, determine how social media can play a part in reaching out to your audience.

A schedule is also key. Have a plan as to when you are going to engage users on twitter, facebook, etc. The article suggests making a calendar and following it. I completely agree with this. If you have particular times scheduled to tweet you are more likely to do so.

The article says don’t feel obligated to engage in every conversation or answer every question. I recommend responding to as many as you can. It is so for your to be seen “as human.” Respond to users, answer questions and always sign the response with your name. This shows reminds users that there is an actual person who is taking time to respond to them.

The important thing to remember about social media is that it is something that you must continue. It is an ongoing process. But, the benefits of it will outweigh the time.

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Friday best day to engage users

To me and the average college student Friday means classes are done for the week and it’s time to catch up on sleep.

To anyone trying to engage users through social media Friday is also the best time to catch them. According to an article released today by Mashable, responses to statuses and tweets is 18 percent higher on Thursdays and Fridays.

As the article points out this does seem like common sense. By Friday people are starting to mentally check out and focus less on work and more on what is going on this weekend. Facebook and Twitter are portals to do that.

However, as more and more marketers catch on to this trend will Friday simply become the new Monday? It is impossible to get your message through the clutter on Monday. While users may be online on Fridays will there be too much clutter to get through?

Further time and research will answer this question.

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If you’d like something to give your hair a total makeover without getting a haircut you must try a new trend that people have been buzzing- feather hair extensions. These chicken feathers are just like real hair and can be shampooed conditioned, blow dryed, flat ironed and curled. So, they are incredibly easy to maintain.
The feathers come in a variety of colors, lengths and sizes and can be put in with hair lock extensions to stay permanently. However, if you are professional with a little bit of wild side we also sell clip in ones. Have ones to clip in so they can easily be taken out for professionals with a wild side
Russ and Company sells a 7 seven feather clump for $25. Additional feathers also available.

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Do some spring cleaning…in your make up bag!

While you are spring cleaning your closets and house this season, don’t forget to freshen up your makeup bag. Many people have a tendency to hoard beauty products, but they’re not made to last forever. 

Mascara comes into close proximity with eyes on a regular basis and since there is no alcohol in it it can be a breeding ground for bacteria. The same holds true for lip glosses which are in contact with your lips and food and also free of alcohol. Be sure to replace your mascara and gloss approximately every three months.

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With wedding season underway its important to have every last detail planned for the big day! Here are some tips for the wedding day 
The big day is finally here! Here are some tips to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible!A lot of brides choose to have their stylist also help their bridal party.If this is the case, be sure to set aside enough time for everyone to have their hair and makeup done.
Don’t forget that to remind everyone who is having hair or makeup done to wear a button down shirt. I once knew a bride who had to cut her favorite t-shirt, because she could not take it off over her veil!

Plan to have your hair and makeup done at least a half hour before your photographs start. This why you won’t feel rushed and will have a little extra time in the event your stylist is running behind.
Don’t forget to ask your stylist for a touch-up kit or extra lipstick/gloss for refreshing your makeup throughout the day.

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This Friday, March 25 we will be hosting a Stella & Dot boutique open
Trunk Show from 1-4p.m.

Russ and Company Salon.
1805 West Ave.
Austin, TX 78705

To get a sneak peek of the some of items check out the 2011 collection video!

Bring a friend to this come and go event! Can’t make it but find something you can’t live without? No worries!
-Simply shop online at
 -Click on “Find your Hostess” and type in “Lecia Harkins”

Everyone is buzzing about Stella and Dot. Come and see what it is they are raving about!

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Everyone has been buzzing about dry shampoo. 
So, what does it do?
It extends hairstyle a few days longer, which makes keeping up with your gorgeous locks even easier. 

How does it work?
Just spray in roots, let it dry and then brush it through.
I recommend spraying before going to bed, because it will make your hair a little white. It will be absorbed by morning.

This miracle spray is available in travel size, medium and large 

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In honor of Redcross Month….

Imagine you are enjoying lunch one day with some friends at your favorite restaurant. A girl a few tables over is laughing with her friends and then suddenly she has her hands around her neck displaying the choking signal. Don’t you want to be able to save her life?

With the help of the American Red Cross CPR classes you could.

The Red Cross offers first aid, adult and child CPR and adult and child automated external defibrillation classes. The best part? The classes can be a blend of online and classroom lessons to best meet your needs.

The first portion of the class is completed online. This way you can complete as quickly or slowly as you need and you no one will slow your class behind. The second part of the course is taught by an American Red Cross instructor. It only takes two hours, but you have the option of testing out of lessons or going through abbreviated forms of the lessons.

This type of class is perfect for people who need extra help or already have a lot of knowledge. It works very well with busy schedules, especially with the online component.

The instructors are certified and there is consistency nationwide. You will receive the same instructions whether you are in Los Angeles or Dallas. Additionally, the American Red Cross offers CPR courses in Spanish.

Think you are up to date on your CPR? Take the Red Cross PopQuiz Challenge.

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Since 1942, every president has declared March Red Cross month. In honor of this recognition, the American Red Cross posted this video on their blog both to educate viewers about their initiatives and to thank those who support them.

The video seeks to remind Americans that the Red Cross is organization that helps people “down the street, across the country and around the world.”

It is good publicity for the Red Cross, because it reminds viewers of all the work the Red Cross does.

The video also does good job of refocusing the attention on supporters of the Red Cross and thanking them for all they do. It reminds them that without their time and donations the organization would be unable to survive. Thus, it is definitely a good way to encourage more donations and volunteering.

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